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A strong brand may be distinguishable from a mediocre one in many ways, but without effective marketing, the opportunity to present that knowledge to consumers may never be realised. Moreover, delivering great products at great prices is simply not enough to remain competitive anymore, which is a lesson that many businesses have learned the hard way.

If you want your business to do more than struggle to stay afloat and you want it to actually grow revenue year after year, you need a strategy. A strategy that ensures your business is always competitive and relevant online, even when Google makes yet another change to its ranking algorithm. Any business that wishes to forge a strong future for itself must learn to adapt to these changes (and many more) or their online competitive advantage is at risk. 

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Hello – Digital Monopoly

Businesses need more than a website to gain online visibility. If your business lacks online visibility your target audience won’t know you exist and will focus all their attentions on your competitors without hesitation. The solution to this key concern among many businesses is to work with a digital agency, one with extensive experience in online marketing.

With extensive knowledge of all aspects of digital marketing and wide-ranging industry experience, Digital Monopoly is the digital marketing solution that you’ve been looking for.

Digital Solutions

A full-service digital agency providing development, design and marketing solutions to business organisations of all sizes, from SMEs to ASX-listed companies, Digital Monopoly has offices in Perth and Melbourne and is backed up by an outstanding Bangkok-based support team.

Working with Digital Monopoly will help you navigate the constantly changing digital landscape and stay ahead of the curve. This is an agency that understands the nuances of the digital marketing industry through experience and by keeping current with the latest changes, whether that’s the latest algorithm updates, new keyword trends or changes to mobile optimisation.

But their extensive experience and ability to empower their clients to stay ahead of the game isn’t all that distinguishes Digital Monopoly from other agencies. What also puts this digital agency head and shoulders above the rest is their transparency and accountability. Many digital marketing agencies lack these all-important qualities, qualities which are essential in an exciting industry characterised by constant change and evolution. This is why so many companies have failed to see the measurable results they want to see from their digital marketing campaigns.

Another factor that distinguishes Digital Monopoly from other digital agencies is their level of industry knowledge and expertise. Digital Monopoly is one of only a few Australian companies to achieve the status of Google Premier SME Partner. This means that by working closely with the Digital Monopoly team as you plan and execute your digital marketing campaign, you can confidently expect to see measurable results every step of the way.

Stunning Websites That Define Brands

It takes just a few seconds for a website visitor to make impressions about a business based on what they see. This means that your website’s design and functionality are incredibly important and can’t be left to chance. Whether its design is outdated, it’s slow to load, or it isn’t up to date with the latest industry practices, your site could be negatively impacting conversions.

Digital Monopoly’s team of experienced designers and developers has produced well over 1000 websites for a variety of industry clients. Whether they’ve been small brochure sites or highly complex ecommerce enabled sites, their team consistently delivers custom-built, mobile-friendly designs without the use of templates that lack originality. With a site that’s visually appealing and easily browsed by your target audience on any device, your business will stand out from your competitors and benefit from more internet-generated traffic and sales.

Recognised Marketing Services

No matter how good a business’s products or services are, their target market will never know of them if they are unable to find them in the first place. This why marketing will always be vital and why the world’s leading brands will continue to spend enormous sums of money on multi-channel marketing campaigns annually. Of these numerous marketing channels, one that can’t be ignored is search. In the digital age we’ve all embraced with open arms, top search engine rankings for your business’s keywords will ultimately translate to more targeted traffic, which in turn, translates into more sales.

Digital Monopoly has a demonstrated track record of successfully implementing SEO campaigns for businesses in a number of industries characterised by high levels of competitiveness. Successfully implementing an SEO campaign is a complex undertaking and involves, among many things, establishing authority by building quality links and optimising on-page factors.

It can be a time-consuming process, but it’s one that’s incredibly effective. When your site’s landing pages start to rank on the first page of Google for the relevance of their target keywords, you’ll know why Digital Monopoly implemented those exact SEO strategies. Because they work.

Achieving the status of Google Premier SME Partner is something that Digital Monopoly takes seriously. To maximise conversions for your business, their experienced marketers ensure your AdWords campaigns are fully optimised right from the start.

Not only will their campaigns deliver measurable results, but they’ll also provide you with comprehensive reports to ensure you’re always kept up to date with how your AdWords campaign is performing. And for your assurances, when Digital Monopoly delivers an AdWords campaign for your business, it will always adhere to Google’s guidelines and best practices.

Digital Monopoly’s web and marketing solutions are in high demand as the results of the campaigns they deliver for their clients speak for themselves. If your site’s traffic and sales are anything less than stellar, get in touch with the Digital Monopoly team today to schedule a consultation and join the growing numbers of Australian businesses that have chosen to work with Digital Monopoly.